Bank Alt Fashion Of 2010 – Pimp©

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Bank alt fashions is definetly an underdeveloped area of WoW. Every businessman worth his weight in gold has at least one character stationed in a capital city near Auction House, bank and mailbox – in the middle of attention in other words. While you’re doing business many, many people will take note of you and evaluate your sense of fashion so you have to make maximum impact in just a few short seconds.

Stick to the threads you received in Northshire Abbey and you’ll be taken for a middle management drone. Invest that little extra effort in putting together an outfit that pops, zings and awes and people will be turning their heads around for another look. “This is obviously a man of high class and cunning business practices, I want to make my business with this gentleman,” will be the first thought going through their heads. But how does one achieve this effect? Many are believers of custom-tailored suits designed to impress the client with a look of pure professionalism.

But suits are a thing of the past, the buying demographic is getting younger and they are looking for someone with a fresh perspective on the world, someone who is experienced in more than just accounting. We want to look not only professional but also experienced, unconventional, outside the box. And that’s where I present an example of latest seasons fashions.

Collection of Summer 2010

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Addendum To Raiding Etiquette

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We all know the basic points of playing nice with 24 more players – don’t be late, be prepared, leave your ego outside the portal and play fair. For any reasonable raider these are non-issues as they are just common sense. However lately there seems to be a new trend that I must say I don’t quite appreciate.

Alts. They’ve been around since day one. Most of us have them and some have even had the patience to level them to 80. And that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with having multiple 80s, it’s probably even beneficial if you do. Wanting to gear your alts for raiding is also fine. The problem for me starts when somebody dings 80 and, just because the person is a hardcore raider on his/her main, he/she tries to skip a few gearing steps that us mortals have to take.

In part this is a fault of the system that makes gear easily obtainable once you hit 80. Nowadays you are able to start farming heroics as soon as you ding 80 and collecting full T9 isn’t a problem. For many players this seems to create the illusion that there is no longer any endgame gear progression, all you need to raid is an 80. But that is not the case, seriously.

Can you get away by showing up to a ToC25 raid in quest greens? Maybe, if you are friends with the raid leader. Should you? No, there is no excuse for you not having at least 4p T9 before entering ToC. Some people have even got the sheer audacity to show up to an ICC raid on their new alt “because I wanted to bring my mage tonight”. Well, wrong. Your green-geared mage is not your 245+ decked elemental shaman.

In an ideal world this would never be an issue because, just like the basic raiding guidelines, this is just common sense. However people seem to not realize anymore when their sheer presence is a burden on the rest of the group. That or their urge to gear up faster is greater for their regard for fellow raiders. I am not asking for everyone to be in full 264s for the weekly raid. Just have the decency to get at least a few 232s before gunning for ToC25 or getting 245s before going to ICC. It’s what most of us did and nobody is a special snowflake no matter what our moms have told us.

Last guy? Don’t be him.

TL:DR – don’t bring your crap alt to ICC, he isn’t your main. /rant

Foreseeing Cataclysm: Patent For Devastation

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Welcome to Foreseeing Cataclysm, a series of posts in which I’ll try to recount all the crazy information we heard about WoWs next expansion before last years BlizzCon. A gathering of crazy theories, wild guesses and suspicious leaks that formed our view of the upcoming expansion before we even knew whether there would be a next expansion.

Well, let’s start at the beginning because that would only be most logical.

The first solid piece of information about something that could, theoretically, be the next WoW expansion, planned by Blizzard, came on 1st of July,2009. Blizzard had filed a trademark for the name “Cataclysm” to be used in variety of entertainment spheres, including video games. At the time it was impossible to tell which of the Blizzard’s franchises Cataclysm was gonna be related to. This didn’t stop the community from assuming it was WoW-related and mind-storming about the possibilities of an expansion by that name.

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Items More Epic Than Epics

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I’m a pack rat. Don’t believe me? Have a look at my bags and bank.

Yeah, stuff of horrors for someone with OCD. I have been wandering around Azeroth doing various random stuff for quite some time. And every once in a while I come across an item that is a bit out of the ordinary which I decide to keep in my Storage of Endless Disorganization. Trinkets with weird on-use effects, snazzy tabards, elegant dresses (yes, I have a dress collection) or just items that were hard as hell to get.

And I am far from being the only one who likes these weirder items. I am willing to bet that right now your main has an item in his bags that is of no practical use to you but you still keep it just to entertain yourself and others when boredom kicks in. And if you don’t – well you should. Items that 1shot boredom, items that provide epic win, items that show the scrubs who’s leet.

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Beta Build 12539 And Its Inner Shadow Tree

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So far I’ve been reluctant to start picking apart the new talent trees because we really are very early in the development cycle and anything anyone says might become totally irrelevant come next build. However the latest beta build 12539 had very few changes for priest talent trees so I take that as a green light to assume the current talent tree is damn close to what Blizz had in mind. So lets get that wall of text rolling.
(WordPress still doesn’t allow Wowhead links to work unless I part with my credit card so I’ll have to make do without them.)

First of, below are the talents that have received major changes in the beta compared to live realms.

Spirit Tap – When you kill a target that yields experience or honor, you instantly gain 5/10/15% of your total mana and your mana regeneration rate will be increased by 20/25/30% for 15 sec.

A massive buff compared to what we have on live. I’m even inclined to think they have made a typo because 15% of total mana back after every kill would make it very hard to go OOM while leveling. Definitely a talent even healing priests will want to take while leveling.

Shadowform – Assume a Shadowform, increasing your Shadow damage by 15%, reducing all damage done to you by 15%. However, you may not cast Holy spells while in this form.
Improved Shadowform – Your Fade ability now has a 100% chance to remove all movement impairing effects when used while in Shadowform, and increases the spell critical effect chance to ally nearby party and raid members by 3/5%.

It’s nice seeing Shadowform simplified and tooltips that are no longer novels. No more pushback protection as it’s now one of shadow mastery bonuses. DoTs now benefit from haste by default so that’s gone from tooltip as well. It seems Blizz is trying to provide us some raid utility in the form of passive 5% spell crit chance. Take that boomkins. And, of course, with both of these talents now placed on lower tiers we can now get Shadowform 10 levels earlier which is only for the best.

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The Shadow Priest T10 4 Piece Bonus – Stay Sexy Baby

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So I figured it’s about time I did a post on something shadow priest specific since, hey, that’s what I do best. And why not start with discussing one of the best things that has happened to our spec in whole of Wrath patch cycle and a thing that many shadow priests, young and old, are bound to encounter during their ICC and RS raiding.

The Shadow T10 4 piece bonus

Lets start with the description : “Reduces the channel duration by 0.51 sec and period by 0.17 sec on your Mind Flay spell.”

Simply put this bonus reduces the time between each Mind Flay tick from 1 seconds to 0.83 seconds. Since it allows you to get get off 6 ticks within 5 second instead of 5, it’s a straightforward 20% damage boost to Mind Flay. Given that in a boss fight Mind Flay can make up anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of our total damage, this is a huge bonus.

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The Abolishment Of Server Boundaries

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The way we access our characters within WoW has remained fundamentally the same since day one. Type in the password, select the server you want to play on (if you are a multiple servers kind of guy) and select the character you want to play. Well what if this part of the games core was done differently.

Currently characters are stored on the realm server they were created on. But lets suggest that player characters in the future would be stored on dedicated, independent servers completely separate from realm server structure. What if the whole server system was revised so that a player would be able to choose any of his characters from character server and then connect to any realm server? The server choice would be completely free, each time you logged in you could choose to play on any server you desired.

The “10 characters per realm” restriction would become obsolete and the login screen would display every character a player has up to the maximum of 50 (at which point character display interface would be more Grid-like). Each character would have their own “Change realm” button with which you could select almost any server in your region. Language packs could be made into something like large add-ons and installing them would allow a player to freely hop between servers of different languages.

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