About AwesomePriest

Hello and Welcome! I’m AwesomePriest and this is my WoW blog. Posts about things people care/don’t care/don’t know about, opinions that are conformist/revolutionary/stupid (my blog, my opinion, my brain cells), ideas that will change the world/will get me flamed/will be held against me in court. All of a days work i say.

About what I do in WoW. I am not a vanilla player, I started playing in 2007 a few months after Burning Crusade was released. However don’t peg me as a nub – since then I have traveled far and wide on my shadow priest Shale. That’s right, I played shadow before it was cool. Aggramar-EU is my home server, Alliance is my home faction and Goblin Rocket Fuel is my favorite drink. Because real men don’t drink cocktails with no gasoline in them. I’ve been raiding, PvPing (both as both shadow and disc), Achievement hunting, mini-pet collecting and doing other retarded stuff.

Hope to keep new posts coming fairly regularly, some of which may even contain ideas that won’t degrade human race.


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