5 Reasons Why You Want Deathwing Dead

Looking back at the whole Wrath of the Lich King expansion one thing many will admit was that the Lich King was brilliant in his role as the bad guy. The fallen prince of Lordaeron that everybody loved to hate had won a special place in our hearts during the events of Warcraft 3 and its expansion The Frozen Throne. Already before Warth of the Lich King everybody knew his story, why he was the way he was and why he needed to be stopped. Now though he’s dead and it’s time to pass the big bad guy torch to the next guy.

And what a guy we have waiting for us. Deathwing is approaching meaner and crazier than ever and bringing along a cataclysm that will rip the world itself apart. Despite the grandiose entrance to be, many players might find Deathwing an unknown entity. Within the Warcraft games he has appeared only once (not counting the minor cameo in Yogg-Sarons brain room) and those, who haven’t familiarized themselves with Warcraft lore, might be caught completely offguard by the arrival of this new menace.

First thing anybody should know about Deathwing is that he is one of the biggest evils Azeroth has ever faced. He has a long history of wreaking havoc wherever possible and over many centuries his list of maniacal plots to take over the world has become longer than those of all James Bond villains combined. To those that don’t really know Deathwing up close and personal here’s a list of just a few of his wrongdoings.

Deathwing is the head of Prestor dynasty

During the years of the Second War Deathwing, in human form, posed as Lord Daval Prestor and tried to destroy the Alliance by meddling in the politics. He used magic to influence the leaders of Alliance nations and try to pit them one against another. Even though this plan failed as he was forced to flee from Eastern Kingdoms after the Demon Soul was destroyed, his children Onyxia and Nefarian continued the legacy of Prestors. Onyxia infiltrated the nobility of Stormwind and made sure that the stonemasons, who rebuilt the city, didn’t get paid thus creating the Defias Brotherhood. Nefarian meanwhile took control of Blackrock Spire and conducted experiments with dragon blood within its halls to try and create a superior dragonflight.

Victor Nefarius (Nefarian), Lord Daval Prestor (Deathwing), Lady Katrana Prestor (Onyxia)

Deathwing is a betrayer of Dragon Aspects

The five Dragon Aspects are amongst the most powerful entities on Azeroth empowered by Titans themselves and left to watch over the elements of the world. But one of them, Neltharion the Earth Warder, betrayed his equals at War of the Ancients and tried to use his immense power to gain dominance over the mortal and immortal races of Azeroth alike. Although this was averted, Neltharion, now known as Deathwing, proved to be too powerful to capture. Ever since over thousands of years Deathwing has conducted experiments that have made him even stronger to the point where the remaining 4 Dragon Aspects combined are barely a match for him. With the recent loss of Malygos, dragonflights are sure to need the help of mortals to contain and finally defeat Deathwing.

Deathwing is the creator of the Dragon Soul/Demon Soul

When Neltharion first started to lose sanity his first action was to create a golden disc which he called the Dragon Soul. At the core of this disc, hidden and undetectable deep beneath Neltharions own magicks, was the evil taint of the Old Gods. After convincing the other Dragon Aspects and their dragonflights that empowering this artifact was the only way to stop the invading demon army during the War of the Ancients, each dragon invested a part of his power into the small disc. This was a lie and the Old God taint within allowed Deathwing not only to wield the full power of the disc, dubbed the Demon Soul now that it’s full power was revealed, but also to take control of any and every dragon whose power was now trapped within the disc. This left the Dragon Aspects weakened and unable to stop Deathwing for 10’000 years.

Deathwing has tried to all but destroy the other Dragon Aspects

Just because Deathwing himself is a Dragon Aspect, it doesn’t mean that his equals have not suffered from his actions. One being that has probably suffered the most from Deathwings hand is the late leader of blue dragonflight, Malygos the Spell-Weaver. When during War of the Ancients Deathwing finally revealed his insanity, Malygos, his best friend at the time, and his blue dragonflight tried to stop him. But they were no match for Deathwing and his Dragon Soul – mercilessly all the dragons of the blue dragonflight were killed to demonstrate the true power of the insane Deathwing. Malygos upon seeing his mates and children perish went  insane which eventually led to his death in the Nexus War.
Alexstrasza, Deathwings prime nemesis for thousands of years, has also suffered greatly at the hand of Deathwing. Thanks to his actions, during the Second War orcs came across the Dragon Soul which allowed them to take control over Alexstrasza and her children, forcing them to fight and die in battles against the Alliance. Seeing her children enslaved and slaughtered nearly broke Alexstraszas spirit but in the end she escaped with a new determination to bring Deathwing down whatever it took.

Deathwing is insane and wants only destruction

The prime trait of any enemy that needs to be destroyed – Deathwing can’t be reasoned with nor should anyone want to. Sent into madness by the whispers of the Old Gods, Deathwing has been insane for more than 10’000 years. During this time his plans and ambitions have gone from controlling all dragonflights to dominating all Azeroth to wanting to see the world burn and be reforged into a plane of fire. This isn’t Illidan, who wants to control the remains of Draenor, or Arthas, who wants to turn everyone into undead and make Azeroth into eternal plaguelands. Only thing Deathwing wants is dominance and destruction, his only allies are those that do not fear destruction that will eventually come.

Not somebody to be negotitated with


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