How To Grind The Proper Way

You look over your To-Do-List and there’s a giant grid staring back at you. From time to time every WoW player will find himself in this situation. It’s one of the worst experiences an MMO has to offer – that dread feeling, as you make your way to where your target is located, that the next few hours of your life are going to be spent in increasingly agonizing levels of boredom. Whether you are doing it for the gold, achievements, rare drops, professions or whatever else your heart desires, you will start losing track of your goal.

Yeah, nothing says “grind” like 40 Exalted reps

That’s why every grinder needs a distraction while at work. Something to take the mind off the monotonous action going on on your screen. Here’s a few ways that are sure to help get many reps to exalted, deliver rare drops to banks and make daily quests faster.

Mate On Vent

This is probably the best way to beat boredom even when not grinding. Look through your friends list/Skype contacts list/Facebook friends or whatever else social thingy you are using and find someone to chat away the next few hours with. Preferably voice chat with because typing will inevitable reduce your productivity and will make the grind even longer. But a quality chat with about nothing specific will do wonders for your grinding experience. WoW, politics, video games, economics, Batman v Spiderman – anything at all that you both have an opinion on goes. Bonus points for finding something you have radically different views on and taking the argument to insult-your-mother level.

That New Album

Remember that new album/band/song somebody said “you should like totally listen to this man, it’s like totally awesome and stuff man” but somehow never got around to actually taking the advice? Now is the perfect time. You haven’t got a thing to lose. At worst, you will add another item to your “Stuff that is blasphemy to music” list. At best, you’ll be introduced to a band you turn out to really like. Either way, couple of hours of musical exploration will shorten the grind and at the end of the day that’s what counts.

A Podcast

If musical exploration doesn’t seem like such a hot idea, a podcast is the next best thing. The only problem is finding a podcast that suits ones interests. I may be going out on a limb here but since you’re in World of Warcraft undertaking a soulless grind, I’ll assume that you have a certain interest in the game. And in that case you are in luck because WoW community are avid podcasters. All Things Azeroth, Rawarcast, Ctrl Alt WoW and Blue Plz are all guaranteed to pass your time while chopping through mob after mob. For a more complete listing, have a look at Weekly Podcast Roundup column on – a roundup of newest entries in WoW-related podcasts. Whatever your interests within WoW, you are sure to find a podcast about it somewhere on the mighty internet.

Favorite Movie/Show

This isn’t the most optimal way to beat boredom because it demands a fair amount of your visual concentration to be rerouted. That’s why I recommend reruns – either of old favorites movies you can just watch over and over again (Independence Day personal favorite for this job) or a TV show you’ve already seen (Friends all 10 season box set does the job here). Because you’ve already seen them you will know that you’re in for quality entertainment and you will still be able to dedicate sufficient amounts of attention to grind at hand. The only problem here will be finding a way to watch both WoW and movie/show at the same time. If you’ve got a large screen you can shrink WoW window down to about quarter of screen and still be able to distinguish one piece of loot from another however that is the worst option. A two screen setup or a DVD player and TV within comfortable sight – both are very good solutions. If you manage to find something that both is entertaining and allows you to keep your eyes on WoW now and then, this method will make the grind fly past.

Of course, booze is always an option as well

Whatever you choose just take your mind off the mind-numbing grind and focus on side-activities. Ideally WoW should become the side-activity, the thing you are keeping yourself busy with while chatting/listening/watching. Then you are guaranteed if not quicker than at least less horrible experience that won’t make you nauseous the next time a grind is ahead.


~ by Shale on July 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “How To Grind The Proper Way”

  1. During the grind for “Insane in the Membrane” I watched all of sailor moon (7 seasons, 40 episodes a season), listened to 6 new artists, and filled the remaining time talking to every online guildie who was willing to join me in vent.

    It makes it a lot easier

  2. Very good points and I actually do most of those, though when I’m working on loremaster I often listen to podcasts. It keeps my mind of the grind.

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