Bank Alt Fashion Of 2010 – Pimp©

Bank alt fashions is definetly an underdeveloped area of WoW. Every businessman worth his weight in gold has at least one character stationed in a capital city near Auction House, bank and mailbox – in the middle of attention in other words. While you’re doing business many, many people will take note of you and evaluate your sense of fashion so you have to make maximum impact in just a few short seconds.

Stick to the threads you received in Northshire Abbey and you’ll be taken for a middle management drone. Invest that little extra effort in putting together an outfit that pops, zings and awes and people will be turning their heads around for another look. “This is obviously a man of high class and cunning business practices, I want to make my business with this gentleman,” will be the first thought going through their heads. But how does one achieve this effect? Many are believers of custom-tailored suits designed to impress the client with a look of pure professionalism.

But suits are a thing of the past, the buying demographic is getting younger and they are looking for someone with a fresh perspective on the world, someone who is experienced in more than just accounting. We want to look not only professional but also experienced, unconventional, outside the box. And that’s where I present an example of latest seasons fashions.

Collection of Summer 2010

In this picture Stratus, level 1 Human Rogue, is sporting a fashionable Pimp© outfit that is sure to grab the attention of more than just law authorities. Rich Purple Silk shirt is light, breezy and perfect for this scorching season. It also accents that physique you’ve been working on. Battered Jungle Hat shows that this is a man who is not afraid to cross rusty social dogmas and bring something fresh to negotiations. Snow leopard skin accents show off belief in the principle of survival of the fittest – competitors beware, clients be smart for this is a man who got where he is by force as well as cunning. Of course this ensemble wouldn’t be complete without the weapon of choice of any hustler – Diamond Tipped Cane. Nothing screams style, luxury and affection of slapping girls-of-the-street like a walking stick with a fist sized diamond for a handle.

The devil lies in the details and that is surely the case when we’re talking about character outfits. The silver-accented leather belt and highly fashionable Antique Silver Cufflinks tie the outfit together and helps your waistline look fab-u-lous. At a closer look business partners will discover that a businessman of 2010 likes to accessorize as well. The Hula Girl Doll makes an excellent good luck charm whether you are trying to close that deal of the century or managing your “employees” in the alleys. The Rock, a one-of-a-kind ring carved out of a solid lump of diamond, might look impractical but it will send out a clear message: “I am in this business to win”. And just to make sure there are no misunderstandings we might as well get two. Because you are worth it and everybody around needs to know it.

The Pimp© line of outfits and accessories is available in your local Auction House. Be professional, be unconventional, be Pimp©.



~ by Shale on July 26, 2010.

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