Addendum To Raiding Etiquette

We all know the basic points of playing nice with 24 more players – don’t be late, be prepared, leave your ego outside the portal and play fair. For any reasonable raider these are non-issues as they are just common sense. However lately there seems to be a new trend that I must say I don’t quite appreciate.

Alts. They’ve been around since day one. Most of us have them and some have even had the patience to level them to 80. And that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with having multiple 80s, it’s probably even beneficial if you do. Wanting to gear your alts for raiding is also fine. The problem for me starts when somebody dings 80 and, just because the person is a hardcore raider on his/her main, he/she tries to skip a few gearing steps that us mortals have to take.

In part this is a fault of the system that makes gear easily obtainable once you hit 80. Nowadays you are able to start farming heroics as soon as you ding 80 and collecting full T9 isn’t a problem. For many players this seems to create the illusion that there is no longer any endgame gear progression, all you need to raid is an 80. But that is not the case, seriously.

Can you get away by showing up to a ToC25 raid in quest greens? Maybe, if you are friends with the raid leader. Should you? No, there is no excuse for you not having at least 4p T9 before entering ToC. Some people have even got the sheer audacity to show up to an ICC raid on their new alt “because I wanted to bring my mage tonight”. Well, wrong. Your green-geared mage is not your 245+ decked elemental shaman.

In an ideal world this would never be an issue because, just like the basic raiding guidelines, this is just common sense. However people seem to not realize anymore when their sheer presence is a burden on the rest of the group. That or their urge to gear up faster is greater for their regard for fellow raiders. I am not asking for everyone to be in full 264s for the weekly raid. Just have the decency to get at least a few 232s before gunning for ToC25 or getting 245s before going to ICC. It’s what most of us did and nobody is a special snowflake no matter what our moms have told us.

Last guy? Don’t be him.

TL:DR – don’t bring your crap alt to ICC, he isn’t your main. /rant


~ by Shale on July 25, 2010.

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