The Shadow Priest T10 4 Piece Bonus – Stay Sexy Baby

So I figured it’s about time I did a post on something shadow priest specific since, hey, that’s what I do best. And why not start with discussing one of the best things that has happened to our spec in whole of Wrath patch cycle and a thing that many shadow priests, young and old, are bound to encounter during their ICC and RS raiding.

The Shadow T10 4 piece bonus

Lets start with the description : “Reduces the channel duration by 0.51 sec and period by 0.17 sec on your Mind Flay spell.”

Simply put this bonus reduces the time between each Mind Flay tick from 1 seconds to 0.83 seconds. Since it allows you to get get off 6 ticks within 5 second instead of 5, it’s a straightforward 20% damage boost to Mind Flay. Given that in a boss fight Mind Flay can make up anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of our total damage, this is a huge bonus.

To see what this means in practical terms, lets imagine a hypothetical raiding situation. In it a player without the bonus in a 5 minute boss fight manages 10k dps and 3 million damage of which Mind Flay was 50% or 1.5 million. Now if this same player would have had the 4 piece T10 bonus, the damage done by his Mind Flay would be increased by 20% or by 300k. This now would put his fight totals at 3.3 million total damage and 11k dps. So in a best-case scenario we see a 10% dps increase from this amazing bonus alone.

Lets imagine a not so perfect scenario. The boss fight is still 5 minutes long however it’s add-heavy and the players gear isn’t that good so he manages only 1.5 million damage of which Mind Flay was only 25%. This would put his dps without the bonus at 5k and damage done by Mind Flay at 375k. If we once again provide the player with the 4 piece tier 10 bonus, the damage done by Mind Flay would increase to 450k and overall damage – to 1.575 million. This would now put him at 5.25k dps – a 5% increase. It should be noted that the increase in dps scales linearly with the percentage of damage done by Mind Flay – total dps has no effect on it so both the 5k and the 10k dps players using Mind Flay at same frequency would achieve the same dps increase.

So in this hypothetical boss fight the T10 4 piece bonus provided 5%-10% dps increase depending on how frequently player used Mind Flay. It is clear that the dps boost will be smaller in fights with adds where multi-dotting and Mind Sear will reduce the percentage of damage done by Mind Flay. In ICC about half the fights were multi target (5 to 7 depending on definition of add fight) so lets assume that during an average raid with a variety of bosses this bonus will net you a 7.5% dps increase. According to simulations in Rawr the same dps increase could be achieved by gaining roughly 400 spell power.

Gear-wise, every piece of T10 that is working towards activating the 4 piece bonus has an added value. This value is the approximate worth of the bonus divided between the 4 pieces of gear or about 100 SP per item in our case. This is what makes T10 pieces so valuable to shadow priests – with the added 4 piece bonus factored in, each items budget becomes equivalent or better to that of a 277 item.

As an example let’s compare Crimson Acolyte Raiments, the 251 version of our T10 chest, Meteor Chaser’s Raiment, 264 badge chest and 277 version of Sanguine Silk Robes, our 2nd BiS chest. Because WordPress is run by bloodsucking vampires, I am unable to provide Wowhead links, however I will provide a link to the item comparison of the 3 chest pieces.;50394;50717

Thanks to the good theorycrafting folks at we already know each items value expressed in pure SP. The 251 Crimson Acolyte Raiments are worth 377.9 SP, the 264 Meteor Chaser’s Raiment – 430.44 SP and the 277 Sanguine Silk Robes – 456.3 SP. These numbers really put into perspective just how beneficial the set bonus really is. If we factor it into Crimson Acolyte Raiments score, it’s score surpasses both other chests with ease. And bare in mind that I am only talking about the 4 piece bonus here, the 2 piece bonus would provide additional worth to our tier chest which would make the final result even more lopsided.

As we can see the T10 4 piece bonus is nothing to scoff at. Once you get it, every tier item working towards effectively gains 100 SP. This should put activating the bonus number 1 priority of every newly dinged shadow priest out there. Even if you got a level 200 belt or a level 187 back – save up those frosties for your tier pieces first. They will last you till Cataclysm and you won’t regret the wait once you experience the blazing speed of your improved Mind Flay.


~ by Shale on July 21, 2010.

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