Promotion Of War

It’s never been a secret that with Cataclysm Blizzard will be trying to bring the sense of war between the Horde and the Alliance back to our backyard. And I gotta say from what I’ve seen they’re not holding back a damn thing in order to accomplish that. Quite honestly, for the first time I am regretting selecting a PvE realm.

If you’ve been following the excellent Blue Plz! videos being posted on then you know exactly what I mean. Horde is expanding into previously Alliance-dominant territories and Alliance is flat out invading Horde lands. the main reason so much world PvP used to happen in Hillsbrad Foothills undoubtedly was the placement of Southshore and Tarren Mill so relatively close together. Why relatively? Because in Cataclysm Horde and Alliance base placement makes Southshore and Tarren Mill look as if placed on different sides of the zone.

And boy do Blizzard know what they are going to cause. Put Horde and Alliance bases a stones throw away from each other, place them in an active leveling area  and you got a recipe for world PvP. Honestly the only way they could provoke us, players, even more was if they placed Stormwind in Durotar.

Only two things that I can think of that could spoil the fun and terror waiting to be unleashed. One – the flying mounts bit. How much of a chance does world PvP stand if anybody can just chicken away or even pass over the fighting without being drawn in in any way. Two – PvE servers might miss out on a major part of the whole expansion here. Years of having PvP in a non-mandatory role has softened us carebears up and taught us to avoid competing faction where possible.

Well that’s gotta change. I say force anyone entering conflicted subzones into PvP and make them a target. Parachute them off flying mounts for good measure and let brutality ensue. Honestly, Azeroth has been hankering for real warfare for some time and now that the world is split apart – the fight is on.

Flying mounts and coward carebears aside, I predict a bloody expansion, full of world PvP glory.


~ by Shale on July 17, 2010.

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